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How to Get rid of Roaches in Appliances – Step-By-Step Guide

How to get rid of roaches in appliances

There is no denying that cockroaches can be a nuisance. They are known for their ability to spread germs, and they can be particularly troublesome in multi-unit housing or commercial settings. So, how to get rid of roaches in appliances? If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your appliances running smoothly, you could do no better than with the help of the following steps. This process can be pretty tricky, so we’ve compiled a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to get rid of roaches in appliances. Let’s get started.

If you have roaches in your home, it’s time to get rid of them! Because roaches are one of the most frequent problems, homeowners face. You see, roaches are one of the most common bugs you will find in your home. You probably know someone who has roaches in their home, and you might even know someone who has roaches in their home business. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of roaches in your appliances. And the best way to get rid of roaches in your appliances is with an appliance cleaning product.


Cockroaches are no-nos in human homes. They are common pests that cause many issues, such as damage to property and livestock, and they are also an excellent source of food for roaches.

What Is a Cockroach?

A cockroach is a small, round, and often rectangular animal in the order of Centi- and Decimatusimetra (c/d) scales. The c/d scale is the most common and familiar scale used to describe insects. It is one of the many family groups of arthropods. The species of cockroach that cause the most damage is the Lasiobothrus monachus. The other common species causing roach damage is the Goldenrod bug (Articolous wasp). Therawledina, Rhydinobothrus, and Cesurina can cause even more damage than the goldenrod. The bug life cycle is quite complex, so it is difficult to know how many types of bugs one individual can bring into contact with. Check out How to clean a Microwave Oven: An Easy and Safe Guide

Roaches are not usually the biggest problem residents experience, but they are certainly a problem that affects the whole house. Roach infestation is typically a symptom of an underlying issue or issues with your home that need to be addressed.

What is roach infestation?

A roach infestation is when you have too many, and not enough is the die-off kind. When the population of roaches increases above a certain level and then suddenly dies off. It is pretty rare for someone to get a roach infestation, but it isn’t easy to get rid of when it does happen. What are the causes of roach infestation? The most common causes of roach infestation are:





How to Get rid of Roaches in Appliances?

There are a few ways to get rid of roaches in your appliances. The first is to get control of your habits. The easiest way to do this is to take responsibility for your actions. You must clean your appliances every day and adequately and efficiently store your items. Once a week, take a look at your appliances and make sure they are in working order.

Step 1: Remove all food sources and thoroughly clean all surfaces in your kitchen, including countertops and cabinets.

Step 2: Remove all cockroaches. Place sticky traps in all corners, inside cabinets and drawers, behind appliances (inside the back of your refrigerator), and even under the sink.

Step 3: Apply a roach spray to behind your refrigerator, where the wall meets the floor. Also, apply roach spray or insecticide to all cracks and crevices throughout your kitchen, including under and behind all appliances. This will help you get rid of roaches in appliances inside your kitchen.

Step 4: Vacuum all areas, including the backs of all appliances and under cabinets. Make sure that you vacuum the crannies and crevices in your cabinets, including behind your refrigerator, under the sink, behind your stove, and even in pull-out drawers.

Step 5: Clean away any dead roaches and debris.

Step 6: Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to suck up any lingering bugs. If necessary, you can take this vacuum outside and use its exhaust hose to blow out an outdoor area to ensure that outdoor bugs are gone.

Step 7 – Clean your floorboards. Use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar to scrub your floorboards, then rinse with running water. This will help ensure that any eggs or deceased insects are completely gone.

Step 8: Place sticky traps in areas that are likely to attract bugs and roaches, including under the sink and even behind your refrigerator. Choose glue traps over poison bait because they won’t attract pets or children.

Repair any loose or broken items, and replace the broken items. If you cannot get rid of roaches in your appliances, you may consider purchasing a biological pest control company to perform the work for you. Biological control may be more costly than having your home treated as a quarantine zone.

There are a few ways:

  1. Start by taking control of your habits. If you constantly germinate and spread insects, they will move in, and you will have cockroaches in your house.
  2. Start building a solid case against cheese and milk, and you will have the anti-cote to hand.
  3. Start taking pictures of your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where you spend a lot of time.
  4. Start keeping a journal of every issue you experience, and share it with your friends so they can also compare and contrast what they have witnessed with their experiences.
  5. Start collecting dust and bits and pieces of furniture to be better equipped when the situation comes back around.

Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest:


Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest

Roaches are not typically the biggest problem. Roaches in appliances become a problem when they start to infest other home areas, including the rest of your house. If you let roaches infest your appliances, they can begin to infect other parts of your home.


Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Stove Ovens

Roaches love accumulating around the burners of your stove, so make sure that you clean away any dead roaches or bugs and suck up any live ones using a vacuum with a HEPA filtration

Washing Machines: 

Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Washing Machine

Roaches can move into your washing machine if you allow them to infest other areas of your house first. This means that you have to keep checking the areas around your washing machine for signs of roach infestation. If you see any, immediately clean away dead bugs and apply roach spray to any areas with live ones. 

Roaches can get into a washing machine through the drainpipe, but this is more common in commercial establishments with more moisture in the air.

Refrigerator or Freezer: 

Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Refrigerator or Freezer

Roaches love to infest these appliances and can easily get in through the vents or cracks in the ice cube tray. So make sure that you check all areas around your refrigerator, including under the back of your refrigerator.


Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Kitchen

Preferably, you will want to keep your kitchen clean – things like food spills, sticky spills, and dirty dishes should be removed immediately. Luckily, roaches prefer to stay away from kitchens.

In drawers and cabinets VENTS:

Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Cabinets Drawers

On vents, especially the back of the refrigerator, Appliances such as microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines are not usually infested with roaches. This is because they’re rarely used. 

Laundry Room: 

Appliances Cockroaches Like To Infest- Laundry Room

It’s more common for roaches to infest a laundry room because of a lack of humidity in the air and because they’re more likely to be around drains or water sources such as washers, dryers, and detergents. If you see signs of roach infestation in your laundry room, you need to act quickly to get rid of them.

Other Areas: 

Roaches will try to move through cracks and crevices to find food sources such as crumbs on the floor or drains under the sink. It’s important to thoroughly check all areas around your house, especially those in kitchens, fridges, and washing machines.

Sticky traps are easy to use, and they’re extremely effective at catching bugs. To apply sticky traps, place them where you’ve seen roaches caught before and where else you suspect that a roach may be hiding. Make sure that you place them near the floor and a few inches away from any walls.

Soft, sticky traps are safe for use around babies and children, so don’t worry about them getting into the roach traps if you have kids. I would even recommend using them in your kitchen where kids will be because it’s much safer than using poison bait.

Remember to keep checking sticky traps – if they get too full of bugs, they may not attract new ones. You want to change your roach traps often because this will ensure that you don’t allow roaches to starve while they’re stuck inside the trap. So you must change your traps regularly with new ones that are free of insecticide or glue.

Clean Your Home Like an Expert

Clean Your Home Like an Expert to Get of Cockroaches

A great way to get rid of roaches in your home is to clean them. You can do this by yourself or with a professional home improvement contractor. Follow these steps to get your home clean, and you will not need a professional exterminator:

  1. Soak the walls and floors with water for at least 24 hours.
  2. Soak the floors with a combination of water and ether.
  3. Soak the walls with packed leaves and twine. This combination will soak up any moisture from the outside and prevent any from seeping into the house.
  4. Pre-soak your plants with a non-greasy food cooking spray before placing them outside in the summer.
  5. Soak the leaves of your local flower (not the ones with the blooms) in turpentine for 24 hours. The turpentine will absorb the moisture from the leaves and prevent the growth of harmful insects.
  6. Leave the hose running for about 10 minutes after sopping to let any excess water run out.
  7. Refill your outdoor water barrel with water from the same water source used for indoor watering. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria and other parasites.


If you’ve ever had a roach problem, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only are they creepy, but they can also be challenging to get rid of. If you’re dealing with roaches in your appliances, follow the above steps to get rid of cockroaches.

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