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How to Connect GOVEE LIGHTS to Google Home – The simplest, easiest way to control your lights

Google Home is one of the best-known and most successful home automation devices. It lets you control your lights, appliances, and other devices from a voice command system. You’ll learn how to connect GOVEE LIGHTS to Google Home to turn on lights using just your voice.



Govee Lights is an intelligent lighting system developed by a company called VINDA. The name comes from the two words “Gravity Control” and “Efficiency.” The system consists of a smartphone app, a smart plug, and a smart light bulb. You can create different light color schemes and dimming schemes using the app.

You can also search for nearby lights and adjust the intensity of the brightness. You can save and share your light schemes. The app also allows you to set up scheduled actions for your lights. For example, you can set up a light to turn on when someone comes to your door.

How to Control GOVEE LIGHTS with Google Home

First, you will need to set up a Google Home device. You can set it up on your computer or the Google Home app on your smartphone. The same steps are needed to set up a smart home system with different devices – like a Nest or SmartThings. You can use the app to manage your light switches, Houzz lights, or other household devices.

What is the Difference Between Smart Plug and Smart Light Bulbs?

There are many similarities between the smart light bulb and the smart plug, but the key difference is that a smart bulb can control multiple devices. The best smart light bulbs support a wide range of devices, including lights, refrigerators, doorbells, and more. The smart plug can connect a variety of devices to a single outlet, like a wall plate or extension cord.

But remember, unlike a smart light bulb, an intelligent light plug cannot control other devices. Some of the main differences between the two include: Smart devices support an LED light bulb. Smart devices support a variety of devices, including lights, fans, and refrigerators. Smart devices can be controlled using an app. Smart devices can be controlled using voice commands.

Introducing the Google Home – The Newest Homing Device for Govee Lights

The Google Home is a voice-controlled home automation device that can control lights, doorbells, temperature, weather, and other home devices. You can ask it to turn on the lights or set up a routine for regularly checking the temperature in your home. The Google Home app allows you to set up a host of home automation tasks, like controlling your lighting or smart home devices.

Google Home device is not only voice-controlled, but it also features a camera and microphone to provide you with a live video feed, as well as sound feedback during device operation. It is also Shock Proof, Waterproof, and capable of handling mild to moderate earthquakes.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Connect GOVEE LIGHTS to Google Home- via a Smart Plug or a Smart Light Bulb

This is a guided tour of the smart lighting system with GOVEE LIGHTS. You can use the same setup to control light bulbs, room numbers, and other devices. The first thing you will need to do is find a smart plug that supports VINDA’s technology. A smart plug is a plug that a smartphone app can control. There are many different smart plugs, including wall plates and wall-socket-based smart plugs.

Look for weather- and power-resistant plug so you can use it in inclement weather or without a power outlet near you. Then, find a light bulb that you can control using the same app. A smart light bulb is slightly different from a smart plug in that it controls multiple devices. You can buy single light bulbs or buy them in sets with other lights, like soft white lights and ceramic heaters.

To connect your Govee lights to Google Home, you will need first to download the Govee Home app. Once the app is installed, open it and sign in with your Govee account. Then, tap the “Add Device” button and select “Light Strip” from the list of available devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Govee lights to the app. Once the connection is complete, you will be able to control your lights using voice commands with Google Home.

Why are my Govee lights not responding to Google home?

At times, your Govee lights might not respond to Google Assistant. There could be many reasons for this, such as

Your Govee light(s) is not connected to the Google Home app with your Google account. (Please refer here). You are using the wrong voice command. You have instructed the Assistant to turn off/on a dimmable light instead of color-changing light. The behavior of these two kinds of lights is inherently different, and thus it’s essential to be on the same page when giving commands. You have not grouped the sunshine. Please refer to Google Home’s How-To here.

How do you make your Govee lights always respond when you say, “Hey Google, turn on my lights” to live a more streamlined and stress-free life?

Here are the steps we suggest you follow to ensure your Govee lights are ready to respond every time:

First off, Connect your Govee lights with the Google Assistant by following these instructions here. Once your Govee light is connected, you will be able to see the Google Assistant option under your device setting. Select Google Assistant to turn on.

Fix 1: Setting up Google Assistant for your Govee lights

You will then see a list of your Govee lights in the same window. Select each light you want to connect with Google Assistant and click on “Connect” (Fig 2).

Fix 2: Setting up Google Assistant for your Govee lights

You can now use different voice commands to control your Govee lights! For instance, you can say, “turn on/off my living room lights.” (Fig 3) Whenever you give a command that requires Google Assistant to turn on or off a light, the command will be executed, and you will receive an update in Govee. In Fig 4 below, you’ll see that it took 1 minute for Google Home to execute the command. In the same amount of time, you’ll also notice that your Govee lights were affected by this command.

Fix 3: Giving a Google Assistant command to turn on/off your Govee lights

Fix 4: You will receive the update in Govee for any command given using Google Assistant. You can find it under the “News and Updates” section in the bottom right corner.

So there you have it, your Govee lights will now always respond to Google Home voice commands! Congratulations on successfully making your home a more streamlined and stress-free place.

Why is my Govee not connecting to Bluetooth?

Check if your Govee light has a Bluetooth chip by following these instructions. If the Govee light does not have a Bluetooth chip, please contact the support team, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If yes, it could be due to one of the following reasons. Check if the Bluetooth is turned on. The Govee light will only connect to any device paired with its Bluetooth chip. 


Google Home is an excellent device for controlling lights in your home. It not only works with voice commands, but it also features a camera and microphone to provide you with the live video feed and sound feedback during device operation. Google Home is available in various models with different features, such as the Home Mini, Home Max, and Home Pro.

You can choose the model that best fits your home and lifestyle. The Google Home is expandable to include additional devices, like the Amazon Alexa or Apple HomePod. So, whether you are looking to add more automation to your home or you want to use Google Home as a voice control system for other devices in your house, we have the guide for you.

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