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Best Steam Shower Generators

No matter where you live, steam shower generators that make it possible to get the hot showers you need no matter where you are. These generators use steam to heat water and create a refreshing shower experience. Some of the best steam Shower Generators on the market use gas or oil as their source of power. They’re simple to operate and can be used anywhere there’s an outlet.

There are many different steam shower generators on the market. Some more popular ones include the Aria and the Homedics Steam Generator. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to find one that meets your specific needs.

What is a steam shower generator?

A steam shower generator is a device that creates steam for use in a steam shower. The most common type of steam shower generator uses electricity to create steam. Some generators use propane or natural gas to create steam.

Best Steam Shower Generators: Top Picks

Best Overall: EliteSteam Luxury Home System

Best Value: CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator

Best for Larger Area: Steam Planet Superior Bath Generator

Best Quality: Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe

Best for Larger Area: SteamSpa Executive 9 KW QuickStart

Complete Steam Room Bundle: Steam Shower Generator Kit System

Smartrun Auto Drain Steam Shower System

Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator

Happybuy Steam Generator

Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

In-depth review of Best Steam Shower Generators:

EliteSteam 7.5 kW Steam Shower Generator Kit

The EliteSteam, 7.5 KiloWatt luxury home system, is the latest steam-based home heating technology. This system is perfect for those who want to upgrade their home comfort and efficiency while enjoying a luxurious experience. With this system, you can heat your entire home easily – and best of all, it’s affordable!

  • Versatile
  • Easy setup
  • Complete package
  • Compact
  • Quality materials
  • The controller might be too small

Key Features of EliteSteam 7.5 kW Steam Shower Generator Kit

-Reliable quality steam for a luxurious and relaxing experience
-Simple purchase and installation process
-Compact size fits in most spaces
-Best in class warranty

CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator

Looking to upgrade your home shower experience? CGOLDENWALL has the perfect solution – the 6KW Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower System! This top-of-the-line system delivers a luxurious and relaxing steam shower experience, making it the perfect addition to any home. Plus, with its self-draining design, you can rest assured that your bathroom will stay clean and dry.

It features a 6 kW steam generator and a self-draining design, making it perfect for use in commercial settings. Plus, its stainless steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic shutdown features
  • Smaller max volume covered

Key Features of CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator:

• Commercial grade 6kw steam generator perfect for your home
• Dual tank technology ensures a consistent flow of soft, smooth steam
• Intelligent controller with adjustable temp and time allows you to customize your steam experience
• Easy installation and use – compact design lets you install almost anywhere

Steam Planet Superior 6kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

Looking for a luxurious way to relax and ease muscle tension? Steam Planet has the perfect solution – the Superior 6kW self-draining steam bath generator! This top-of-the-line generator produces enough steam to bathe up to six people and features a built-in timer that automatically shuts off the steam when your time is up. The self-draining feature keeps your bathroom clean and free of any water damage.

  • Lightweight construction
  • 5-year warranty
  • Low energy consumption
  • Rare delivery issues

Key Features of Superior 6kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator:

• Get a perfect steam experience every time
• Intelligent controller with easy to adjust settings
• Compact design for easy installation
• 6KW power for larger spaces

Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe

Your home is a place of tranquility, serenity, and beauty. When you’re not at home, your home is your sanctuary where you can retreat to escape the stresses of life and immerse yourself in a world of luxury. You want to feel at home when you visit your friends and family, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort or convenience. Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe is an excellent addition to any bathroom suite as they provide several benefits.

  • It comes with premium-quality accessories
  • Prevents over-steaming
  • It is highly durable
  • You’ll get balanced steam temperature
  • Drip pan is not very good

Key Features of Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe

  • Proven reliability – Superior steam shower generators have been producing high-quality steam showers for over 15 years
  • ETL certified – Meets rigorous safety and quality standards
  • Complete kit – Everything you need to get started is included. No wasted or unnecessary parts
  • Aromatherapy steam head – Warms essential oils and infuses them into your steam shower for therapeutic benefits

SteamSpa Executive 9 KW QuickStart

Looking to add a luxurious spa experience to your home? The SteamSpa Executive 9 KW QuickStart Acu-Steam Bath Generator Package could be just what you need! This package includes everything you need to start, from the bath generator to the acu-steam head. Plus, it’s easy to install – perfect for any DIYer.

  • Instant Starting Features
  • Noise-free
  • Perfect for relaxation
  • You’ll get clean steam
  • Packaging isn’t standard

Key Features of SteamSpa Executive 9 KW QuickStart

• Get relief from stress and tension in as little as one minute
• Control all functions of the generator with the touch panel control system
• Keep your steam generator looking new with the auto drain system
• Choose between three color mode LED light to create a soothing environment
• Compact size and design makes it easy to install

Steam Shower Generator Kit System

If you are looking for a luxurious and refreshing shower experience, a steam shower generator kit may be the perfect solution. Steam Shower Generator Kit System can provide an intense burst of steam that can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Fast-Installing
  • Plumbing-Ready Kit
  • Fits even under counter or closet
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Backlit touch screen display
  • Expensive

Key Features of Steam Shower Generator Kit System:

-Complete steam room bundle for an affordable price
-Fast and easy installation – everything you need is included in the kit
-Saves time and money on your next bathroom remodel
-Compact size fits even in small spaces
-Control your steam spa bath experience with wifi or Bluetooth

Smartrun Auto Drain Steam Shower System

Smartrun Auto Drain Steam Shower System transforms your everyday shower into a refreshing steam shower that can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Plus, the Smart run Auto Drain system makes it easy to take care of your steam shower’s drainage needs, making cleanup a breeze. So why not give the Smartrun Auto Drain Steam Shower System a try? You may be surprised at how much fun you can have in the shower!

  • Comfortable sauna experience
  • Water shortage and Over-high temperature protection
  • Panel lock anti-mistouch function
  • Automatic water inlet
  • Automatic Drainage
  • It takes about 2-3 minutes

Key Features of Smartrun Auto Drain Steam Shower System:

• Get a luxurious steam shower experience at home
• Stay safe and comfortable while enjoying your steam shower
• Control your steam shower experience with ease
• Enjoy all the benefits of a steam shower in peace

Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator

Kohler’s Invigoration steam generator is a breakthrough in steam shower technology. It offers the benefits of traditional steam baths while providing a more refreshing, personalized experience. The generator creates an ultra-fine mist that feels great on the skin and helps loosen tight muscles.

Plus, you can choose your favourite aromas to customize your session. Whether you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day or want to improve your overall health, the Invigoration Steam Generator is the perfect solution!

  • Powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick and effective steam
  • Easy installation
  • Requires additional purchases

Key Features of Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator:

• Constructed of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
• Fast-Response technology for a luxurious steam shower in 60 seconds
• Power Clean technology offers one-touch automatic cleaning and safe maintenance
• Constant Steam produces steam at a consistent rate, minimizing temperature fluctuations
• 240 cubic feet maximum volume rating

Happybuy Steam Generator

The best way to relax and unwind is by taking a hot shower. A steam generator can turn your everyday shower into a relaxing sauna. The Happybuy Steam Generator can produce up to 9KW of steam, making it perfect for larger showers.

It also has a built-in timer, so you can enjoy a relaxing steam session without worrying about timing it yourself. With the included remote control, you can easily adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of steaming!

  • Promote relaxation and detoxification
  • Improve your circulation
  • Help you achieve healthy, glowing skin
  • Multiple safety features for peace of mind
  • No demarcations for Fahrenheit only Celsius.

Key Features of Happybuy Steam Generator

• Enjoy the health benefits of sauna and steam in one unit
• 304 stainless steel heating tubes for even heat distribution
• Multiple safety features for worry-free operation
• Ideal for use in medium to large sized bathrooms
• Quick and easy installation

Many people are turning to the trend of saunas and steam baths as a convenient way to relax, reduce stress, and get healthy. The warm environment promotes deep physical and mental relaxation by inducing temperature changes in your body. It is a common misconception that saunas are only for those who have never tried them before or need to lose weight quickly.

Directions for Use:

1. Turn the steam generator on by pushing the “Power” button located [on the front] of the machine. 

2. Put some water in the water tank. 

3. Wait for 15 minutes, or vapor comes from the pipe.

The following information will give you an idea of the Happybuy Steam Generator and why it might be exactly what you need to improve your daily health. The features are listed as best as we can find now. Product features are updated frequently, so if there is something that we have missed or some new information that has come to light, then please let us know so we can include the new information in our product description.

Digital Display Controller: Many Professional Saunas take 60-90 mins to heat up. However, this can be quite a drawback for people who are in a hurry and have to work or travel afterward. Not only that, the longer it takes for your sauna to heat means you’ll have to wait much longer before you can start enjoying your session, which is not practical.

Temperature & Time Monitor: Once the temperature exceeds 80 °C, the controller will automatically restart to maintain the temperature. The condition of the sauna will be displayed on the LCD screen. The sauna room temperature can be adjusted by pressing the “+” or “-” button on the control panel. 

Multiple Benefits: Sauna originated in Finland, but people enjoy the steam bath has two thousand years of history. Making a steam spa not only promotes the body’s blood circulation.

Waterproof Stainless Steel: The Sauna Steamer is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade material. These materials are fireproof and safe.

Large Water Tank: Large water tank, you only need to refill the water every 20 uses.

All-sided Protection: The stove is made from good quality stainless steel and food-grade material, fireproof and safe

The Sauna Steamer is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade material. These materials are fireproof and safe.

Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

If you’re looking for a superior steam bath generator that can deliver a luxurious and relaxing experience, look no further than the 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator from Superior. This top-of-the-line unit provides users with everything they need for an unforgettable steam bath experience, including adjustable steam output, a timer, and even a self-draining system that prevents water accumulation.

  • Safe
  • Resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Allows aromatherapy and LED lights
  • No plumber required
  • Quick adjustments
  • Not good for outdoor use
  • It takes 10+ minutes to produce steam

Key Features of Superior Steam Bath Generator

• Improve your overall health
• Get a better, more radiant complexion
• Sauna therapy has been used for over 2,000 years
• Quick, even heat distribution
• Multiple safety features

The Superior 9kW self-draining steam bath generator is the perfect addition to your home and will give you all the benefits you are looking for! This product is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s been designed to provide an immersive, spa-like experience. The generator also has various features that make using this product as easy as possible. This generator is easy to install and comes with instructions for anyone who needs them. This product comes with a warranty and gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Personalize your experience

Heats up in as little as two minutes! This is one of the fastest heating generators on the market, so you can get your steam bath going almost instantly. This generator is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and it’s simple to personalize your experience. Some of the ways that you can personalize this generator include:

Boasts a sleek and modern design: This generator has a modern look and feels perfect for any household. It’s one of the few generators that look as good as it works.

Powerful and Safe: This generator has safety features such as external safety switches and blowout panels to prevent over-heating! Includes an 18″ x 22″ Ionizer – The included Ionizer can provide you with the benefits of ionization while you enjoy your steam bath.

Touch Screen Control Panel: This generator has a touch screen control panel so that you can adjust features like your light, music, and more.

Streamlined installation: This generator can easily be installed in less than an hour, so you’ll be able to start enjoying your steam bath immediately.

Adjustable Digital Thermostat: This thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in your steam bath, and it comes with a variety of different settings so that you can find the right temperature for you.

Safe and secure: This generator comes with external safety switches and blowout panels so you can rest easy, knowing that things are running smoothly.

Buying Guide of the Best Steam Shower Generators

It can be scary when you consider the variety available and their different features. Buying a steam shower generator can be further complicated by the low supply and demand for these products. Here are what to look for before buying Best Steam Shower Generators:

What to Look For in a Steam Shower Generator?

The first consideration to make when buying a steam shower generator is what type of generator you will buy. There are three common types of steam shower generators: Batch, Single Stage, and Single Function. What exactly each type offers will vary depending on your needs. Batch generators are good for a large-scale operation, and Single Stage showers can be used with water streamers. Single Function steam shower generators are good for smaller residential applications. 

Batch Steam Generators

Batch steam shower generators are usually large, single-stage units designed to produce a large volume of water at a time. They are generally used in industrial settings where large volumes of water are needed frequently. These showers are often energy-efficient and quiet, with good filtration. They come in various sizes, with the largest offering the most versatility for residential applications.

Single Stage/ Single Function

Single Stage/ Single Function steam shower generators are good for smaller residential applications and are designed to produce a single high-intensity water jet. These types are also known as single-stage/single function generators, and they are often best used with low-flow shower heads. Single Stage/ Single Function steam shower generators generally come in units with a footprint measuring no more than 24″ x 24″.

Built-in Fan

Consider whether or not you want a built-in fan. A built-in fan will offer increased convenience and better performance, as it will help evenly distribute warm air throughout your shower area.

Warranty and Support

Some manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty on their products. Others offer a 5-year warranty. Support options include a toll-free telephone number and email support.

The best steam shower generators are the ones that produce the best shower experience for their users. The most important factor to consider when buying a shower generator is what kind of shower you would like to purchase.

Depending on your needs, you might want a shower that produces warm or cold water or water with bubbles or no bubbles. You may also want a shower that is energy efficient, has a long lifespan, and is easy to clean. These are just some factors you will need to consider when choosing the best steam shower generator for your needs.


Steam shower generators are a great investment for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their home. Not only do they provide an amazing shower experience, but they can also be used to improve air quality and help reduce the effects of asthma and allergies. If you’re interested in adding a steam shower generator to your home, be sure to check out the variety of options available on the market today. With so many different models and brands available, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

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