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How To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub: Tips on How To Repair

Cracks can be a sign of impending problems. They appear as dark streaks on the surface and indicate something wrong with the material. So, how To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub? These cracks can become bigger over time and lead to more serious problems if not taken care of promptly. Because of this, fixing cracks in plastic tubs becomes an important aspect of maintaining your home’s appearance.

How To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub

The good news is that you do not need special tools or skills to mend a crack in your plastic tubs, as long as you are consistent with your efforts from start to finish. Here are some tips on how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub.

Plan ahead

If you have a cracked plastic tub, take some time to study your situation. What caused the crack in the first place? Were there other factors that could have contributed to the crack’s formation? This will help you plan and prevent a similar situation from recurring. If certain factors contributed to the cracking, you could prevent them from happening again in the future. If you find that your plastic tubs are constantly cracked at certain spots, you can check for high heat sources, sharp edges, and rough usage. Eliminating these factors will help prevent future cracking.

Be gentle

When repairing a cracked plastic tub, be gentle with the material. Take extra care when heating the tub and keeping it at certain temperatures. Avoid banging or slamming the tub or putting heavy objects in it. This can stress the cracked area and make things worse. Also, be careful when using adhesives. While they are an effective way to fix plastic tubs, they can leave behind residues and hazardous chemicals if not used properly. Using the wrong adhesive, or using more than one to fix a tub, can cause problems down the line.

Check the corners first

If your plastic tub has a crack in the corners, be extra careful not to heat those areas. If you heat the corners too much, they can bubble and expand, leading to even bigger issues. Instead, heat the middle area only, and then work your way out. When using heat, ensure only to heat the middle area. Then, once the middle has cooled, move on to the edges. This will prevent the corners from expanding, leading to even more serious issues.

Hold the tub tightly while heating it up

Plastic tubs are typically quite rigid. When you heat one, it can easily warp and change shape. This can be dangerous, as it can crack your tub even more and damage the underlying material. To prevent this from happening, heat your tub while maintaining a tight grip on the sides. If you must put the tub down, make sure to put it back on the heat as soon as possible. When you are heating a plastic tub, the temperature rises quickly and drops very low. This can cause your tub to warp and change shape, making it even more dangerous.

Cool down and wait a little bit before continuing

Although you want to get your plastic tub mended as soon as possible, you must also take care of your other plastic tubs. If you rush, you could damage other surfaces or cause other problems. Instead of bending down to tend to your cracked plastic tub immediately, wait a little bit. Then, once your cracked tub has cooled down, bring it to your other plastic tubs. This will keep you from damaging other surfaces while taking care of the damaged ones.

Use epoxy to seal the crack

If you use epoxy to seal a crack in your plastic tub, make sure it is food-grade and approved for such use. These epoxy glues can be very strong and durable. However, you must ensure that you follow the right procedure to avoid any issues.

How do you patch a cracked plastic tub?

A common problem many people face is a cracked plastic tub that may require water damage repair. It is important to know that this damage must be approached with care and tact, as the tubs are typically in limited supply since they are commonly used for sunning and watering plants. A cracked tub will not only affect the functionality of a home but could also lead to mold, rot, or other issues if left untreated.

There are many ways in which this process can be achieved, but we felt that the best option would be first to see if we could fix the cracked tub itself. If the crack is too big, other options exist, such as chiseling and drilling the plastic to repair it.

However, considering that most cracks aren’t large, there is a better alternative. We decided to apply hot glue on top of the crack and then glue all around it before grating down those cracks so that they would look more uniform. We chose hot glue because it can repair cracks and seal the damage while not affecting the functionality of the tub or its ability to withstand water.

People can do an alternative process where they remove the damaged tub and replace it with a new one, but this will cost more than simply repairing it. With this in mind, we decided to try our best to fix the plastic tub by using hot glue and sealing it off using more than just hot glue.


Plastic tubs are extremely versatile and durable. If you take care of your plastic tubs, you can easily extend the lifespan of your plastic tubs by many years. While cracked plastic tubs will eventually happen, they do not have to be a major issue. You can fix them quickly and easily with a little bit of know-how.

Your plastic tubs can last long if you take care of them. This means that you will need to take care of them differently than you would if they were made of metals or wood. With a few tips and patience, you can repair plastic tubs without any issues.

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