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Apple HomeKit Smart Locks

Apple HomeKit Smart Locks are a new type of smart lock that can be controlled with the Apple Home app. The locks can be used to secure doors, windows, and other areas of your home. The locks are compatible with Apple ecosystems such as iOS devices, Macs, and Apple Watches. The locks feature a familiar-looking keypad and can be used to secure the doors of your home with a passcode or a fingerprint-based security system.

It is one of the most exciting new smart home features to hit the market in a long time. With HomeKit, you can control a host of connected devices from different manufacturers throughout your home. Whether you have an older home with limited wall-mounted sensors or prefer to keep things simple and standard, HomeKit has you covered. So what are you waiting for? We’ve got everything you need to know about setting up your first smart lock, so get ready to unlock your new favorite feature! Read on for more information about installing and using HomeKit smart locks.

What are Apple HomeKit Smart Locks?

HomeKit smart locks are smart door locks that let you control access to your home using an iOS or Android device. HomeKit smart locks work with any HomeKit-enabled device (such as a smart hub, smart Thermostat, or security system) to let you grant or deny access to others. As you would expect, you can use it to control locks for anyone who has an iCloud account and is authorized to use their devices in your home.

HomeKit smart locks let you control access to your home from anywhere. They work with any HomeKit-enabled device, like a smart hub, Thermostat, or security system, to let you grant or deny access to others. This is unlike a traditional key lock, which is only valid for a single key and opens the door for whatever person happens to have the key.

Installing HomeKit Smart Locks

HomeKit smart locks are available for purchase online and in some retail stores. At launch, Apple only had one HomeKit-enabled smart lock, the August Smart Lock 2 ($249.00). However, the company is said to be working on integrating other HomeKit-enabled smart locks into the system. To see if your specific lock model is HomeKit-enabled, check the lock’s product page on the Apple Store or Amazon.

You’ll need to install one of the compatible smart hubs to control your new smart lock. Fortunately, you don’t need any technical expertise to set one up. Once you buy the hub and connect it to your Wi-Fi network, you’re ready to install HomeKit-enabled smart lock apps on your devices.

How to set up a HomeKit smart lock

HomeKit smart locks are easy to set up. Download the Home app on your iOS device and follow the setup steps for your new hub. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID and password and then link your home Wi-Fi network to the hub. Next, open the Home app and tap the icon for your new hub. From here, you can follow the steps to add a new device.

From the list of available devices, choose your new smart lock. You’ll be prompted to enter your hub’s settings, where you’ll be asked to choose your lock model. Enter the code on your touchscreen keypad or use the included remote to finish the setup.

Using a HomeKit Smart Lock

Now that your hub is set up and your new smart lock is connected to it, you should see your lock appear in the Home app. You can now follow the same steps to add other HomeKit-enabled devices. From the list of available devices, choose your new smart lock.

You can then follow the steps to link your device to HomeKit. From the lock’s settings menu, tap the button for HomeKit, then follow the onscreen instructions to link your device to HomeKit. Once you’re done, you can lock or unlock your door from your phone.

What locks does the Apple HomeKit work with?

It’s important to know exactly how your devices can interact with your HomeKit system. By knowing what locks you can use and which ones will be compatible, you’ll be able to determine how much integration you’ll need from a security perspective before purchase.

Standalone locks can only be used with motion, door, window, and occupancy sensors. Locks that lock and unlock can only be used with motion and door and window sensors.

Locks that require keys to disable/enable will only work with door and window sensors. This is an important point because most of these locks are also Bluetooth-compatible, so you’d need to choose which colour your key will work with before you purchase! Many customers use their keys to protect their property from intruders or family members or want the added level of security without having to remember an additional code for each key.

Are Yale smart locks compatible with HomeKit?

The Yale smart lock’s compatibility with Apple HomeKit has recently been brought up a few times, and I wanted to answer these questions. To do that, I had to look at the website for the company that makes their product. After visiting their site and doing a little research, it turns out that they are not compatible with HomeKit because they do not use an open protocol like Z-Wave or ZigBee.

Instead, their product is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware device that talks to the Yale residential mesh network. While they are compatible with iOS devices, they will NOT be compatible with HomeKit in 2018 because Apple’s Home App does WiFi and Bluetooth, not mesh. So until an update is released by Yale or Apple that allows users to add these devices directly to the Home App, there won’t be any integration.


HomeKit smart locks are a fantastic new addition to the smart home ecosystem. They allow you to control access to your home from any location, and you can install as many as you like. And now that HomeKit smart locks are part of the Apple ecosystem, you’ll be able to easily discover new and improved smart lock apps as time goes on. If you’re planning to install a HomeKit-enabled lock, check out our HomeKit guide.

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